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iOS Software

Since 2012 Jens Kleinholz has been writing on the Internet under the name Sir Apfelot. He publishes several articles about iOS, macOS and gadgets on his blog every working day.

I developed the entire app from scratch using Swift and Realm.
riskmethods GmbH - offers a SaaS, cloud-based supply chain risk management solution. The company focuses primarily on SMEs and large businesses in all industries, which purchase on an international basis.

This is an ongoing Swift only project, and I work on several parts of their iOS (iPhone and iPad) and tvOS app.
energy | app provider (EAP) - is a service provider for public utility companies. It provides a whitelabel solution for lots of customers with different requirements and challanges for both native iOS application development and different connections for various backends.

I worked on several parts of their iOS whitelabel solution and some proof of concepts, too.
Mimo - Learn how to code on your iPhone - whenever and wherever you have a moment! With hundreds of gamified and interactive micro-lessons, computer science has never been so easy and fun.
From the makers of Swifty, the most popular learn-to-code app in dozens of countries.

Dive into app development, learn how to build websites, and get the hang of databases - from the very beginning to intermediate and advanced-level concepts.

Mimo is the logical consequence of its predecessor Swifty which had huge success in just one year after launch! For Mimo I worked on nearly every part on this app except the tutorials content itself. So, Mimo is an ongoing and very interesting project, and there will be much more to come... 😊
Mjam - Order food online Simply order your takeaway via smartphone and choose from more than 700 delivery services in Austria. You enjoy pizza, sushi, burger or Asian food? With Mjam you will always find the right takeaway. Enter your postcode or use your current location, create your favourite menu and order easily. Try it now and get the Mjam App for your iPhone or iPad.

I was one of two developers and worked on nearly any aspect of this app using various technologies.
With f4analyse you can analyze your qualitative data on your iPad. Simply import your interviews, ethnographic field notes or other qualitative data as RTF (Rich Text Format) files, and you’re ready to go! In f4analyse you can write memos, develop codes, and code your data. Just as in the f4analyse desktop version, you can organize codes in an intuitive, easy-to-use category system.

This brand-new iPad edition works seamlessly with your f4analyse desktop version. You can work with the same project files both on your iPad and your computer (f4analyse desktop versions are available for Mac, Windows & Linux).
The Zumtobel IB-Tool is the perfect tool for the basic commissioning of your lighting solution. This easy-to-use app helps configure your Zumtobel lighting solution quickly, easily and reliably. It makes easy, wireless addressing of all LUXMATE outputs in the building possible and allows for the assignment of control units to the outputs. It is thus the commissioning tool of choice for service technicians and facility managers.

All addressing and/or the entire system can be checked for functionality and correct installation at the touch of a button. IB-Tool also provides the option of operating all actuators and permanently saving their scene settings.

IB-Tool can also provide a range of selected status information that accelerates the entire commissioning process and makes it more user-friendly.

This project has been realized during my employment at MASSIVE ART WebServices GmbH.

macOS Software

With Podlive for iOS, macOS and tvOS, you can listen to live streaming Podcasts. We currently support all podcast livestreams broadcasting via Ultraschall with Studio Link OnAir. You can mark your favourite channels to get notified by Apple's built-in push notifications immediately when a channel starts streaming. Podlive Website
Review Times is a small application that places an Icon on the Menubar. When you click on the Icon a Popover is presented showing the calculated review times for both the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store. All data is retrieved from Review Times Website
Nekrologger informs its users about the passing of public persons, scientists or actors, artists or architects. It uses its own MacOS 'notification center' and obtains the information from Wikipedia.

So, this was a pure fun project and a colleague came up with the idea of doing it. Nekrologger has been finished in about 3 or 4 days. And, here it is.